As concerns the raw materials that are used, the palette is extremely broad given that we are able to form all the commonly used heat-sensitive plastics. Nearly a half of the processed materials are conductive materials, which our partners prefer to use on ESD protected production lines. The maximum dimensions of the processable polymer is 2000x1500 mm, while the thickness can range between 0.15 mm to 14 mm depending on the parameters of the product to be manufactured.

Specific density 1.05 g/cm3 1.15 g/cm3 1.38 g/cm3 1.21 g/cm3 1.35 g/cm3 0.94 g/cm3 0.95 g/cm3
Shrinkage 0.4-0.5 % 0.6-0.7 % 0.4-0.5 % 0.6 % 0.4-0.5 % 1.5-1.8 % 1.2-7 %
Weldability yes yes yes no no/yes no yes
Temperature range -5+75°C -20-80°C/-20-95°C 0-65°C -30-120°C -30-80°C/-10-70°C -20-90°C -50-95°C
Formability good good good difficult good limited poor
Shock resistance limited good good excellent high limited excellent
UV resistance low limited very low good good limited good
Chemical resistance grease, oils no grease, oils no/limited grease, oils no grease, oils grease, oils limited grease, oils grease, oils
Areas of use auto industry, logistics auto industry, logistics auto industry, logistics auto industry, logistics, lamp shades extensive/pharma industry food industry food industry

Resistance [Ω]

1 TΩ (1012 Ω) Insulating
10 GΩ (1010 Ω) Antistatic
100 MΩ (108 Ω)
1 MΩ (106 Ω)
10 KΩ (104 Ω)
100 Ω (102 Ω) Conductive
0 Ω Highly Conductive
10-2 Ω