We place particular emphasis on environmental awareness because the raw materials we use can be 100% recycled, and after forming the lattice, waste is sent for recycling.

We are developing the use of biopolymers (PLA) in packaging technology. The benefit of these materials in contrast to mass plastics is, that they are self-degradable, as they are made of corn starch and other plants, containing polylactic acid, so they do not harm the environment.

Solar panels located on the roof of our factories generate sufficient electricity in one hour to operate a monitor for 1000 hours.

Sustainability report
5% of our total electric power is coming from renewable sources.
We use 30% less packaging material thanks to the usage of up-to-date packaging devices.
Number of our employees increased by 40% during the last two years.
We avoid emission of 22 tons of CO2 annually, by using the waste heat of our compressors for heating of changing rooms and for production of domestic hot water.
40% of our Suppliers is Hungarian company.
The goal of our regular internal audits, in line with our Integrated Quality Management System is to keep our processes in accordance with requirements of our partners.
We use 70% less paper in course of the past couple of years, thanks to the integrated management and project management systems.