Szkaliczki & Partners Plastic Processing Ltd.

About Us

Since 1992 Szkaliczki & Partners Plastic Processing Ltd. is part of the domestic and international plastic industry. The entirely Hungarian owned enterprise started with only two vacuum forming machines and three employees in a 200 m2 plant. By these days the plant territory has increased to 2000 m2, the number of employees and the machine park has multiplied as well. Nowadays operators, mold-makers and engineer work together in aligned labour.

Our company’s main profile:

  • Szkaliczki and Partners Ltd. has 3 main production profile. The sector with the biggest volumen is the logistic tray production. During the production process of logistic trays we design the tray and the mold according the special demands of customers. We mill the mold with CNC technology then cast the tray of course as the customer dreamed it.
  • In volumen this sector is followed by production of green technology support products.
  • Last but not least we design and produce blisters and foldable blisters as well.